Two Ton Paperweight Lyrics


album: Track 3 in album We Couldn't Think of a Title!
release date: 2005
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length: 4:33

Cover Art

Psychostick We Couldn't Think of a Title! cover art
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My car is a PIECE OF SHIT!
I wanna drive you off a cliff
Watch you crash into a ravine
For the things you did to me, you...

I wanna make myself a pipe bomb
Blow yer damn engine back to hell
Where I know you're from.

Piece of JUNK!
You aren't even worth the tow
To a junkyard or a place
Where you'd sit and lay to waste, I...

Oh nevermind, you always do.
Could you tell me how much longer it will be
Until I'm rid of you?

I wish that you'd just get hit by lightning (or something)
My confidence in you is sold with every part I buy
I guess I'm just a sucker with a lemon
So pucker up and kiss another paycheck goodbye!

You leak more than a newborn baby
I change you oil all the time but STILL you need some more
Your fluid puddles come in assorted colors
Such wondrous variety of problems galore

Will there be a time
When I know I can drive
Without my car breaking down?

And will I ever see
It start consistently
Without the pain and the suffering

My car is a PIECE OF SHIT!
I ought to give you a swift kick
In the muffler, in the tire
Or where ever I desire you...

You never get me very far when
You decide driving to the store is a mortal sin

I guess you want a piece of me
Since you're leaving all your pieces
In the middle of the street

You heap of JUNK!
I don't know what I'm gonna do
I just hope that I don't have to take another day of driving you

I swear you must be older than my grandma (and she's dead)
The fact you run at all is quite a mystery to me
Your miles are approaching seven digits
May God have mercy on the soul that's holding the key

I'm guess I'm just a little angry
But for some reason, getting stranded kinda chaps my hide.
You probably think I'm slightly overreacting
Has your car ever made you think about suicide?

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