Psychostick Why, Oh, Why Lyrics

Artist: Psychostick
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I'm looking at you
After it's all over
And I don't feel quite the same
That look in your eye
Says you don't want me anymore
Even though you are to blame

Why, oh, why
Did this have to happen?
Why did you do me this way?

(Tell me why) you had to lead me on so long
(Tell me why) I had to end it all in song
(Tell me why) you ran away with my best friend
(Tell me why) I still love you

I came across an old love letter
And here’s what you had to say:
Would you please pick up a gallon of milk while you’re shopping at the store?
Wha?.....that’s not it!
There it is… you said....

I love you so
You’re everything to me
I can love no other one
Yeah… right!

Except for maybe like I said:
My best friend
And my brother
And my dad
And my other brother
And his best friend
And that guy’s brother as well
And that one guy who used to come over and mow the lawn every Saturday and he had a cool tattoo of a dragon on his shoulder and it was really neat and stuff

(Tell me why) you slept with everyone but me
(Tell me why) I'm out of words that rhyme with "me"
(Tell me why) you still owe me three bucks for that milk
(Tell me why) I still love you

(Why?) did you leave me alone
(Why?) in the cold, in the darkness
(Why?) chained like a dog to the wall in the basement (hey, who turned out the lights?)
(Why?) Did you hurt me so bad
(Why?) Do you feel no remorse?
(Why?) When you broke both of my shins with a crowbar? (Ow, my fibula)

Tell me why [8x]

I still love you [2x] (even though your a bitch)
I still love you [2x] (even though your a psycho)
I still love you [2x] (even though you should DIE!)
I still love you [2x]

(...dude, seriously, you need to get a life)
(...{sigh}....okay can go crazy now)