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Artist: Puppetmastaz Lyrics
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Album: Track 4 on Creature Shock Radio
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CHORUS: UH YEAH, BREAK A BOTTLE.. YOU KNOW ITS TIME WHEN TO BREAK A BOTTLE (NOW WERE GOIN INSANE) NOW WERE GONNA BREAK A BOTTLE, HAH.. YOU KNOW ITS TIME WHEN TO BREAK A BOTTLE (NOW WERE GOIN INSANE) UH YEAH, BREAK A BOTTLE.. YOU KNOW ITS TIME WHEN TO BREAK A BOTTLE (NOW WERE GOIN INSANE) WE?RE GONNA BREAK A BOTTLE.. Turbid the Toad: Pitchmapucka, Maloke?s on yeah.. listen to these bass bombs which is on, yeah.. he come wicked and his nose is long yeah, pitchmapucka his nose has gotten strong yeah. He be rolling down this alley is humpin? Fat is his rhymes and his horns is humping He be sticking his nose stickin dusta, round them curves and corners is a musta don?t you see his was made to sneak quiet, come thru your backdoor, MHHM.. and start a riot, yeah, this kind to get your subcon itchin revenge kind of squidda, keep it simple, start bitchin Mr. Maloke when you're feet get bloody from pin-prick holes and there's glass in your toes, you shoulda worn rubber soles, Mr.Maloke and my publishing name is Christoph, hit the studio glass when i?m pissed off Ive seen the wizard do it, he took a bottle of spinal fluid, broke it and he swam right thru it But why'd Buddha break it, maybe he was bored and couldn?t take it, that's when you know it's time to break a bottle. CHORUS Ducci: Get up, break a bottle, just do so Buddha and me the rubber pimp ducco Dont hide it, let it out now I tear shit up, i know i am break pro Get naked, you need to break it PM?z on you know you gotzta shake it To the beat now, just stomp your feet now In the club, you know we pump the jeep sound Break bottles is about tension Comin up as a puppet invention So if you?re down with these puppets do freak shit Get on up you know you gotzta break it HIPHOPNOTIST: Bottles keep breaking Floors keep shaking Figures keep quackin? Bottles keep breaking Floors keep shaking Overcooked bacon.. Cause you know its time when to break a bottle. Chorus

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