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Album: Track 7 on Creature Shock Radio
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Mr. Maloke: The flaw of the Pompidoo moves ya jaw We call’em dem Pompidoo flaw is raw Yes, it come sticky dis is da green stuff Come tricky enough to do some o’ dat bleaux When I be eatin’ me muffin upon to say From place to place we gain to play Puppetmastaz got some o’ dat clipsip green foam Puppet came around to dipsip dirty toons But no baboons around town toastin’ Like hot harpoons around to reboundin’ Just da lyric is touchin’ dis Like a break o’ dawn I got me slick blushingness Chorus: Quick, do you wanna lick a green Martian Toon Pitch ma pucker, you gotta make some room For dis shit ‘cause this installation is installed Hm babababy Martian Toon came to ring ya bells Mr. Maloke: Yeah baboon green ice but da red corvette I mean carpet on the wall thick like ya bread I be toastin’, yeah roastin’ dis beat until it crackle down Like a camping tool dis is da lick around All five, alpha frog beta, too Yeah, you know how we do How the Martians do, we don’t know Wha widiwow Martians came up to blow Ricardo Prosetti: Friends that take your mind up to the stars Quick the buzz - trick the Birth of a liquid swish Martian whizz, see the whole looniverse stroked in swift. Liquidish alien dish ready to serve , pop your nerves like rollin spears. Trickpoppin juices takin over your guts. Eyeballs to pop - Rubber to shock Panic: The flaw of the Pompidoo moves ya saw We call’em dem Pompidoo flaw is raw Yes, it come sticky dis is da green stuff Come tricky enough to do some o’ dat blaw!!! Chorus Ryno: Looker: Let me see you enter the in fire mouth with the new episode enormous, entangle. Led the flank with grown top gripping on the grease. Slide your glass in the moonlight take it with the right -think! So let me liquidize your mind with the spitfire boost, from the Martian juicer. Snuggles The Bunny thinks that Martian Juice is extra hot and you can buy it right here right now, just come and get it.

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