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Artist: Puracane Lyrics
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Album: Track 8 on In Limbo: The Lost Puracane Sessions
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You don't want to be the same
But all the other ships
Have sailed away
You can tell yourself
It's still okay
If it's illusions
You're looking for

You can wash yourself all day
You can't remove the stains of what you saw
You can turn and hide or walk away
But there's no running from who you are

I don't want to get caught
And blown away
Broken down
And torn apart
Like dogs, like dogs in the rain

All eyes look to the skies again
We've seen what's been sent
But you're all safely tucked up in bed
It's not our punishment
Oh they're not outside
No they're not outside
Oh yeah

I don't want to get caught or blown away
Broken down and set upon
Like dogs, like dogs in the rain

And the sun comes out again
Yes the sun comes out again

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