Pyogenesis - Every Single Day Lyrics

Artist: Pyogenesis Lyrics
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Album: Track 4 on Twinaleblood
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There's a difference hanging right over me

When in hopeless trying - senseless crying
Sickness buying and in lifeless dying
In a cave of pleasure - a heart of treasure
Where my love is coming right all over me

I was used to be a - handsome ligger
Dirty beggar - until
And every single day

Yearning for the day of my forgiveness
Starving like a flower for the sun
Lay down in the summerfield of life
I'm trapped like a sigh in my soul

Now I am here flowers sear
The incarnation of forbidden fear

I'm just stranded I'm just branded
Like a rolling wheel that is standing still

I hear voices - from upon
Can't make out where they're coming from

Can't make out - what they're saying
But I'm still praying

And every single day

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