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Album: Track 11 on Twinaleblood
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(music and lyrics: Tim Eiermann)
straight from the brain
my vision is strong
maybe too strong and strange for you
psychomanic, physological freak
with distorted epileptical dreams
the thoughts become clearer
and visions reality
down with distortion of this agony
I'm runnin'
thinkin' about the past
I'm waitin', I'm waiting
Do you think we'll
drift into the lower sands
- god complex
will we ever hold each others hands
- god complex
I am god !?! I am god !?!
and I know what I'm doing
just the best for you
everything do to be well known
and I'm healing all the wounds of you
still walking in your holy shoes
so alone with my dreams
fading away to a pitch black rose
so alone pray to your godfather - yeah
do you hear me, do you feel me
do you want me, do you love me
do you hear me, do you feel me
your godfather

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