QNTAL - Maiden in the Mor Lyrics

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Album: Track 3 on QNTAL III: Tristan und Isolde
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,,Im Moor liegt eine Frau seit sieben Tagen,
was war ihre Speise, was war ihr Getränk?
Die Blumen, das Quellwasser
Wo war ihre Wohnung?
Bei den Lilien und den Rosen"

Maiden in the mor lay,
in the mor lay,
sevenight fulle, sevenight fulle.
maiden in the mor lay,
in the mor lay,
sevenightes fulle and a day.

Welle was hire mete,
what was hire mete?
the primerole and the-
the primerole and the violet.

Welle was hire dring.
what was hire dring?
the chelde water of the-
the chelde water of the welle spring.

Welle was hire bour.
what was hire bour?
the red rose and the-
the red rose and the lilie flour.

[Text: Anonym, England]

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