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Artist: Quarashi Lyrics
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Album: Track 2 on Guerilla Disco
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I came riding when your stories.
Now don't you wanna hear.
How you prance around like a faget and never come near here.
You like gossip, cause you be snooping around for truse kid.
You're fuckin met the wrong man.
Cause somebody fed you bullshit.
And I don't like you as a pal or any other.
That's why I never bothered being a pal with covers.
Instead I trace enjoy your fetish, read on the street.
As dead as you are, when you rapping over that beat.
Be an MC bitch don't worry 'bout me.
What the fuck I do daily.
So help me Gotta speak free.
Cause I heard some shit, too you know, how you go about.
When your girl don't even admit that you two are goin out.
Is it like that? (Man!) you told me you was a player.
I bet you she loves the cock as much you love sex today to lay her.
Next time, you better think & stop before you had so much to say (Say!).
But next time was last time punk so say your prayer!.

[Chorus] x 4
Oompa Loompa Doompadee Da!
If your not smart you, then you can go fuck!

I heard you spit talking shit like I quit writing rhymes.
You got me pissed so what you need to do is listen this time.
I don't give a shit if ... or you couldn't hurt a fly.
You keep behaving like a dick you'll see the rules still apply.
Cause I've got ears & eyes and if I ever hear another word.
Whether it be a different time & a place in a different world.
Cause I allowed you one mistake but you took the fall again.
That's why I smacked you in the face & never called yourself my friend.
Cause high places or not I go the extra mile for mine.
You wouldn't tie your shoe laces for one pace at a time.
I hope fear will keep you at bay & right on track.
So don't lie down like a prey & stick knives in my back.
Cause Uh!
I'm on time & I can hear your bullshit.
And you can die trying but you'll never come close.
Please I know my 360 degrees.
And I can see a dead man walking before he's deceased.
Mother Fucker!.

[Chorus] x 4
Oompa Loompa Doompadee Da!
If your not smart you, then you can go fuck!

And I don't know but uh.
I think I saw your crew on 4.
Next time I hear that you're talkin.
I see you in the street you a dead man walking.
See you in the street you a dead man walking.

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