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featuring Queen Latifah
Do we look? Where is love?
Has it gone? Do we search or move on?
Hear the wind as it blows
And my heart says the next time I'll know

[AM & QL]
Set it off, I suggest why'all
Set it off, I suggest why'all
Set it off
Come on now, set it off

set it off on the left why'all
Set it off on the right why'all
Set it off
Come on now, set it off

Holding on, friends around
All together searching for a way out
When it's time, will we know?
Or will life grant us no second try

Now it's too late to work it out

Now it's too late to work it out
I'm in too deep to just pull out

There ain't no way I'll walk away

There ain't no way I'll turn away
Nothing to do but set it off

Me hear police, them a chat about me just one time
Me live the life, love money, that's two crimes
What will be my destiny? Hey, hey
Me say silly of me to think that I could
Ever get away with crime
What will I do, hey

When they come for you, check it
I got nowhere to go, nothin' to lose, I'm lost
Who rotton but Cleo, hot like ultra reels
Wit' my back to the wall, I put my gat to not dog
Replace your playa's ball with a number one ball
Situations up in here got me capable of sinnin'
You grinnin'? Watch me speed stick ya like Mennin
Lettin' it off, settin' it off, then beginning
Pinnin' these ill rhymes, representin' ill women
Set it

[Chorus] until fade

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