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Artist: Queen Lyrics
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Album: Track 6 on A Night at the Opera
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Ooh, I like it
You call me up and treat me like a dog
You call me up and tear me up inside
You've got me on a lead
Ooh, you bring me down
You shout around
You don't believe that I'm alone
Ooh, you don't believe me

Sweet lady
Sweet lady
Sweet lady sweet lady...ooh, stay sweet

You say
"You call me up and feed me all the lines
"You call me sweet like I'm some kind of cheese
"Waiting on the shelf
"You eat me up
"You hold me down
"I'm just a fool to make you a home
"Ooh, you really do me

"When you say
"Sweet lady (sweet lady)
"Sweet lady (sweet lady)
"Sweet lady...ooh, come on, stay sweet"

My sweet lady
Though it seems like we wait forever - oo ah oo
Stay sweet baby
Believe and we've got everything we need (got everything we need)

Sweet lady
Sweet lady
Sweet lady...ooh, ooh, stay sweet, stay sweet
Oh runaway, come on, yeah yeah, yeah yeah, sweet lady

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