Queens of the Stone Age - I Sat By the Ocean Lyrics

Artist: Queens of the Stone Age Lyrics
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Album: Track 2 on …Like Clockwork
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Joshua Homme – Voz / Guitarra / Guitarra Slide / Chocalho
Troy Van Leeuwen – Guitarra / Palmas
Michael Shuman – Voz / Baixo / Pandeiro
Dean Fertita – Wurly / Piano / Guitarra / Guitarra Slide
Joey Castillo – Bateria / Palmas

I sat by the ocean & drank a potion to erase you.
Face down in the Boulevard, yet I couldn’t face you.
There ain’t no use in crying. It doesn’t change anything,
So what good does it do?
Your friends, they all sympathize.
Maybe, I don’t need them too.

You. Me. & a lie.
Silence is closer.
We’re passing ships in the night.

There’s nowhere to run away.
“boy if you want love, you’ll have to go & find it with someone new.”
“do you know who you really are? are you sure it’s really you?”
Lies are a funny thing.
They slip through your fingertips because they never happened to you.
Time wounds all the heals. Then we fade out of view.

You. Me. & a lie.
Silence is closer.
We’re passing ships in the night.
End to the night, left with nowhere to hide.
& closer…
We’re crashing ships in the night

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