Quicksand - Lie and Wait Lyrics

Artist: Quicksand Lyrics
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Album: Track 6 on Slip
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Inequity solace, in your driven sate
Seize your right to earn the same
She wants it
How long must we wait

Before they take our side?
Sordid practice, engine overheated
There's no way to cool
Turned up on your side

The one that you choose
Why should they mind
Scared of what your thinking?
A strong resistant

Sunday feeling, under weight
Of what's to come
Tired of living under thumb
She wonders, why did you say what you said.

Silently living is death.
Shout him down, it's worth it,
No compromises on this.
Turned up on your side,

The one that you choose.
Why should they mind,
Scared of what your thinking.
Scared of what your thinking.

She wonders,
How long, have we been senseless.
So tired and pensive.
Instead of stand up,

Stand to the side.
Feel a strong resistant.

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