Quicksilver Messenger Service - Doin' Time in the U.S.A. Lyrics

Writer(s) : G. DUNCAN
Artist: Quicksilver Messenger Service Lyrics
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Album: Track 1 on Comin' Thru
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Doin' time in the USA
We're doin' time in the USA
Brothers and my sisters
Mamas and your children too
Daddy's there's a big wheel turnin'
Rollin' over you
And I feel like a convict buddy
Feel like a ton of lead
Runnin' from the hounds
In the moonlight
Oh lord let me catch
My breadth
I wanna be free
Like a big bird flyin'
Free like the drivin' rain
Free like a hot sun shinin'
Somebody's done clipped my wings
I can't get no satisfaction
No kinda way
Locked in
Good god you know I'm locked down
Doin' time in the USA
Rave on
Rave on buddy
Bout' your good vibrations
All the way
Lay back
Get high
With your baby
Your love in the USA
We're doin'time in the USA
We're doin' time in the USA

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