Quiet Riot - In a Rush Lyrics

Artist: Quiet Riot Lyrics
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Album: Track 10 on Quiet Riot
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I've got just seconds
To start my engine
Get into gear and on the road
I'm runnin' late
Don't hesitate
I want that woman and me to go

Pedal to the metal
I'm doin' a hundred and one
Got a bag of tricks
And lots of kicks
It's time I'm havin' some fun

I'm in a rush
Can't wait I got to fly
I'm in a rush (rush rush)
It's time to party so let's go

Time is runnin' faster by you
Turn up the music
It's rock and roll
Don't be late
Cause I can't wait

Got to jam or I lose control
I'm quick
I never missed a trick all night
Got a woman in the back
Who's givin' me flack
You know that it just ain't right

I'm in a rush (rush rush)
I can't wait I've got to fly
I'm in a rush, rush
Time to party so let's go
Rush rush rush
Can't wait all night
I got to fly
Oh oh oh
I'm in a hurry

I'm late, I'm late
I've got to keep my cool
Don't wanna lose it
Can't wait, can't wait
No, I'm burning to lose control

I'm in a rush (rush rush) yeah
I can't wait I got to fly
Run run run run I've got to go
Oh oh oh
You're gonna run with me yeah
I'm in a rush yeah

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