The Dangerous Three Lyrics

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Length: 3:59

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Said they just don't make 'em like this no more
In fact they never made 'em like this before
I'm 'bout the baddest man that ya eyes done saw
Baby, I'm down by law


[Brother Ali:]
Life gave me nothing free, but my ugly
Ass mug and a couple of fat nuts to squeeze
Dick dangling down in my dungarees
Hungry beast, I'll chase your ass up a tree
You know what's up with me, I'm sucker-free
Not uptown or uppity, it's not my cup of tea
Feared one in the streets, won't nothing bleed
Except my knuckle meat, caught up in your fucking teeth
Brother, please, I'm out here rhyming for survival
Plus I got a outta-body-mind-blowing live show
Squad'll of fine dimes follow me wherever I go
Got them on their knees trying to honor my arrival
Quick Draw McGraw, this mic of mine, I'm a prime time bidaw
Down by lidaw, broke dick, big dog
Who the hell am I? The A, the L, the I, and I'm the God damn shit, y'all

Dangerous, dangerous
Dangerous, dangerous
Dangerous, dangerous
You should see me swing the jimmy

[R.A. The Rugged Man:]
Don't get me started
I'm golden era, '88 baby highly regarded
I get stupid, dookie, doo-doo, def, dumb, retarded
Watch you fade like a high top when I drop
Leave you flattened like a pancake at IHOP
With a pistol I'm a nice shot
Many battles are losable, losing isn't unusual
Life is brutal, but beautiful, birth allude to a funeral
I'm straight raw, cocaine natural
You that flesh-eating veterinarian drug used to de-worm cattle
The same way Big flipped mics I'mma show you how I run thing
I'm the Don Corleone, Cornelius, Trump, King
Is the world your or mine? I'm an immortal in his prime
Structure doesn't follow the corporate design
I'm snapping your porcelain spine
To deep for the mortal mind every time I'm recording a rhyme
They find that I'm crossing the line
If you're blind and ignoring the grind
It's sickening, ain't a chick alive I won't stick my dick in
I'm more shameless than Hammer dancing for popcorn chicken
Ace was the ink before Irv Gotti was laundering loot
And he dropped Slaughtahouse before they was ever forming a group
Fuck being miserable, whether it's the mental or in the flesh physical
Blessed are the poor in spirit
Yeah, I took it Biblical, I'm so dangerous

Dangerous, dangerous
Dangerous, dangerous
Dangerous, dangerous
You should see me swing the jimmy

[Masta Ace:]
When this mic's in my hand I'm a cannibal man
Eat my own kind, damn, I'm an animal, fam