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Fax machine, beauty queen
Cyberspace, microwave
movie star, racing car
Fighter plane, Toxic rain
Satellite, Neon Lights
TV shows, Rubber clothes
Magazines, Gazoline
Credit cards and Topless bars

Swimming pool, diet food
Mountain bike, Kung-fu fight
Roller Skates, Paper plates
Mobile phones, The Rolling Stones
Microchips and floppy discs
Megabytes, disco nights
Submarines and Sex machines

But all you need is love
A rock guitar, a candy bar
CD Rom, Atom bomb
Silverware, Teddy bear
Rocking chair, Rasta hair
Superman, Peter Pan
UFO, Radio
Excorsists, Paperclips
Bubble gum and laser guns

Jumbo jet, water bed
Internet, MR Ed
Lady strings and diamond rings
A table leg, Scrambled eggs
Vitamins and piercing pins
Record sleeves, Cans of beef
*****cats and funky rats

But all you need is love

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