Ra Ra Riot - The Orchard Lyrics

Writer(s) : Miles, Wes / Lawn, Alexandra Nicole / Santos, Mathieu Jordan / Bonacci, Milo A / Zeller, Rebecca Alexandra
Artist: Ra Ra Riot Lyrics
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Album: Track 1 on The Orchard
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We both had doubts
We both had doubts
I found myself while I was away
All your life, now I understand
So many hours
And no company
But you imagine things
Through cold eyes of sleep
Then what have I seen this for
We both know about

All my life
You were important
And your father too
Wandering the orchard
Through budding dormant eyes
On a lamp lit plane
You imagine things
Why does this speak to me?
To you I know I'll only sail without?
My life is dull
And my body aches
Oh then what I have I seen this for?

Oh I imagine things
Through cold eyes of sleep
And I want things
Back more than I do
My life is dull
And my body aches
Oh this blood in my mouth
Makes me hate
How we both end up.

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