Ra Ra Riot - What I Do For U Lyrics

Writer(s) : Miles, Wes / Santos, Mathieu Jordan / Bonacci, Milo A / Zeller, Rebecca Alexandra / Herring, Dennis
Artist: Ra Ra Riot Lyrics
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Album: Track 7 on Beta Love
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I want you to survive
Anything you need
I hope that heaven finds
What you'd done when you made me
I can't get my own feet
Not like I want to
Only heaven knows
What I do for you

What I do for you
I do for you

I'm your only hope
I'm your saviour too
Every single test
You've been ever carried through
I ain't got flowers
I ain't got my own seed
I couldn't ever give up on you
But don't thank me

What I do for you
I do for you.

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