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Artist: Rabbit Junk Lyrics
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Album: Track 4 on Rabbit Junk
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I won't go out tomorrow
I'll just sit at home
and wallow in my sorrow
have you got some hope i can borrow
I used to think so big
I used to talk so bold
am I giving up, am I getting old?
how'd I get so low?
no I think life owes me more
and I'm going to
pick myself up off the floor
'cause I want the fucking glory

wash out go wash out
I'm feeling I'm feeling like a motherfucking failure

I wanna know how everyone survives
the day jobs and debts
not enough for rent and wounded sex
what the fuck is next
so hard to accept
how do I get by
I've been bought and sold
seen hot and cold
been bored and ignored
seen no reward for 10 years of my youth
and the long line of bastards
waiting to see me pack it in
now I know I'll never win
crawling under my skin,
just amplify in my fuzzy fucked up mind

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