Rachael Lampa - Give Your Heart Away Lyrics

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Album: Track 10 on Kaleidoscope
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Do you think
That your time on earth will never fade?
In the blink
Of an eye, you may be swept away.
This is true.
Make the most of every moment
That is given to you;
To hold on to.

So, give your heart away.
This is not the time to hesitate.
For there is no other reason;
You will find no better season.
Tomorrow may not come
For those who wait.
So, call on him, and
Give your heart away.

There are days
When there is no place that feels like home.
And you need
To believe that you are not alone.
Long ago,
Jesus came to show you
That he love you through all time.
That's why he gave his life.


There is hope for your tomorrow,
Come what may.
There's no mountain so high;
No place in the sky
You can't reach, reach, reach, yeah, whoa.


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