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Artist: Rachael Yamagata Lyrics
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Album: Track 4 on KCRW Sessions
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Don't try to figure me out
Don't try you'll only fail
I'm not a reed in the sand
You're already starting to pale
Everyone's gone for the summer again
Something is building , I don't understand
A hummingbird larks in my hand
But I'm too busy chasing parades
To ever love you the same
Just breathe
he's going away
Pack up your jacket and shoes
Kiss all my friends one more time
Don't take a minute on paintings you see
There's a curtain on the blinds
Peeking is stealing the life you don't share
There's a map of a memory, of us over there
Dangerous questions are near
I'm too busy chasing parades
To love you the same
Just breathe
I'm going away
and I--------

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