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Album: Track 3 on Kaleidoscope
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i remember when i fell to your knees
sayin please come to me,i really need you now
i felt you mercy bringing truth to my soul
now i know letting go led me here somehow
so this is how it feels when love surrounds me

the sun is shinin and the grass is green
the birds are singin in harmony
i wake up knowin that you're here with me
thank you for my brand new life
my days are colored by a lasting hope
its like i'm looking through a kaleidoscope
i see heaven everywhere i go
thank you for my brand new life

i've never realized what it meant to be free
now i see, all i need is what you want for me
and i beleive it, you've erased any doubt
i know it now, can't live without, all you've given me
so this is how it feels to be forgiven
so this is how it feels to be really livin


i've never seen a miracle before
but now i see them everday i'm sure
it's almost like you've opened up a door
to a brand new life


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