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Album: Track 8 on Live for You
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Verse 1:

What would you say if I told you about
A Love to good to be real?
Would you reply that you've heard it a million time?
O, you throw up your hands, never understand, turn and walk away
Cry, another tear
I know where you're coming from I was
Searching for the road that would lead me home


Where I'm free
Free to believe what is real to me
Free to believe that He lives in me
La la la la la la, La la la la la

Verse 2:

How would you feel if Love feel in your arms
With a tenderness of a child?
Would you be able to finally openyour eyes?
A love so strong it never begs, never borrows, never steals
From anyone
Even if I bend, even if I sway, even if I loose my way
I will always come home
Where I'm


Free to love, free to dance, free to live my life with open
Hands that reach, far away, closer to the edge you hear the
Music play, awakening, all the once was slumbering's alive again


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