Racoon - Walk Away Lyrics

Artist: Racoon Lyrics
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Album: Track 12 on Another Day
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You cover your eyes, if you can't stand the side
Walk away
You cover your ears, so you don't have to hear
Walk away
You cover your nightmares, you put them away
'cause if nobody knows then they might go away
Walk away, walk away, walk away
Without me

You cover your lies with stories and smiles
Walk away
You're scared what to find so you just run and hide
You run away
If you play with a gun then you will shoot someone
When you sit in the fire it's your *** getting warm
Walk away, walk away, walk away
Without me, without me, without me, without me

Why do yell, you can whisper as well
Walk away
These teardrops of rain, they're masking your shame
You walk away
In this midsummer storm you see a midsummer fight
Put your head in the sand if you can't make it right
Walk away, walk away, walk away,
Without me

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