Radici nel cemento - Dub Fi Mumia Lyrics

Artist: Radici nel cemento Lyrics
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Album: Track 15 on Alla rovescia
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"What does Jamal say about the murder officer Faulkner?" I'm absolutely innocent of the charge that they charge me I'm absolutely not guilty! I think all true freedom Inprison or out of prison, exists in the mind and only in the mind I've only been member of the Black Panther Party for a few year, for two or three years, This was argued to the jury as a base, and a giustification, for them, to execute me! I'm fightin' every day, fightin' every day Not just for my freedom Not just for my liberation, but for all of our liberation; I fight for revolution, cause i think revolution is the only solution! I'm not superman, i'm a man, like any other man i bleed, i weep, i cry

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