Radney Foster - Don't Say Goodbye Lyrics

Writer(s) : FOSTER, RADNEY M.
Artist: Radney Foster Lyrics
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Album: Track 2 on Del Rio, TX 1959
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Well I heard it from confidential sources
you've been thinking 'bout losing my name
and you've been dialin' some unlisted number
at some Memphis, TN exchange
Well your plannin' on headin' down the highway
and this time you're going for good
well honey don't think twice 'bout the pain you leave behind
just do me one favor if you would
Don't say goodbye, just slam the door
Don't apologize, that only makes it hurt more
all your sympathy, will only make me cry
so get out, go on, get gone, and don't say goodbye
Now you were hoping you could break it to me gently
you were thinkin' we could part as friends
If I'd only try and remain civil
I'd see it your way in the end
Well pardon me if I beg to differ
'cause I'm the one who's gotta live with the pain
and when you're out on the town, I'll still be broke down
don't you bother with tryin' to explain
I don't need to have all the reasons numbered
You can save those condolences for some other guy
baby some other time

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