Radney Foster - Just Call Me Lonesome Lyrics

Artist: Radney Foster Lyrics
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Album: Track 1 on Del Rio, TX 1959
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Just call me lonesome
Heartbroke and then some
'Cause I ain't got no one
Since you've been gone
You called me baby
Now I've got a new name
Don't need my old one
Call me lonesome from now on

You used to call me, your one and only
But now you only call me someone you once knew
You were my angel, before some stranger
Stole your heart and stole my world when he stole you


I see you with him, and fall apart again
Remembering when I was the only man you needed
We said forever, We'd be together
He came between us and now forever lies in pieces

Don't need my old one
Call me lonesome from now on

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