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Album: Track 3 on Metric Buttloads of Rock!
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Everyone was looking at me
Like I hope you're not sitting there
It was of course my seat
And I was destined to meet
The girl with the streak in her hair
Rehab Barbie

Rehab Barbie
You're hiding under the blanket
Come on out now and face it
You're scared of flying
But you're reaching out with your eyes closed
I said, "How do you handle the hangover?"
She said, "I haven't been hungover
because I haven't been sober
in weeks and months and years."

And you reak of [drug]
(a little liar, a little liar)
And you streaked your hair.
(a little liar, a little liar)
And you lied to get some fillangia
(a little liar, a little liar)
And we're flying over Atlanta
Rehab Barbie

They took away all your credit
But you know how you can get it
Your father's dying of cancer
Your intervention's the answer
You'll say that you don't really need it

You're a lie, you're a lie to tell the truth

And you reak of fair
(everyone was already sick of you)
And you streaked your hair
And you're flying over Atlanta
(everyone was already sick of you)
To your little bottle in Atlanta
Rehab Barbie
(little liar, little little liar
little little lie, little lie) x2

You never knew it, but you made me leave x2
You reached that bottle, and you got to get away x3
got to get away
Rehab Barbie

Little balls of fillangia
Are flying over Atlanta
You drank three straight and you passed out
Like mother's milk to a baby
You haven't been hungover
Because you haven't been sober
How does that now scare you?
They're toting you around
like a weekend at Bernie
(little liar, little liar
little lie, little lie) x2

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