Raekwon Fly Shawty Penelope Lyrics

Artist: Raekwon
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[Intro: Raekwon] Yeah, yeah, straight outta jail First time nailing me, realer than the obvious They never said it was gonna be easy Who can y'all put up with? The streets... why you coming at me like that, man? You payin' him? You taking care of me? What's the matter with you, man? See this the shit that make a nigga don't come over, man [Chorus x2: Raekwon] Aiyo, fly shorty Penelope, fresh female chick Straight outta jail, first time mailing me, God Realer than the obvious, livelyness was on the line I mean like, the sweetest thing, most seen her kind [Raekwon:] Bloomingdale patient, slick finance who got a Benz station Studying law, buying North Faces Tried by the police, yo, straight up and down I hold rollies, size six shaconies, daughter, might name her Water Son, might name him Rich Porter, style, Law & Order Copped them quarters, it's real, blowing out in Florida Displaying a game, frame, I'm adoring her Blasting music, I'mma lose it, shorty romance the music Just grind, don't dance to it, flex
in' with a sun dress on Shorty refreshin', less you stressed, stop swarmin' on her Yellin', it's all made basic, taste it Anybody lace this here, you can blaze it Rinaldo stepped up, what, "Lex, you know I got it lined up" Bust ya gun from the side, what? Take this thought in mound, your frame might be a dime But the brain power might not shine Shorty had a good head once, rolling up blunts, damn She fucked up, got caught in the crunch Now, down go her lifestyle She on the FDR now, with a Audi J, bugging out Stop that drinking, you wild, project chick, yo Won't even tuck her chain, nigga, that's foul Got caught up in the number run, dunn I need to get my life back, son, share one Lex laid it out, but she stunt, enter and still smoke blunts Shit ain't real, she yelling "Fuck everyone" Yup, caught up in the midst, I mean glitz Went from doorags to rich, now he blue hat and switch I guess, the live way to rap it, shorty went backwards Now she stuck with a dirty Guess jacket Keep on, giving o
ut the jewels wrong Who wrong? Who want? Who trynna-trynna act like you never knew wrong Now it's raining, now I'm maintining, gaining Probably gaming with positive aiming, long dane it Stepped in, jumped in the car, fuck God Put the Wisdom for Knowledge, you bond, whine too hard Shaking her ass, walking out to the garage, you large Fuck men, fuck who weighing nods Stopped, took a peak at the stars, the Zodiac, a fine Mars Or lose it for a chick behind bars Wash, waking up Lars, aiyo collect call Taj' Let's take a half a million in the cards Laying up, at the Laborage, say I need a massage Stressed, jumping out the Guess jumper, charged Wifey material, make sure y'all observe the ariel I'm mailing this through ya stereo Wifey material, make sure y'all observe the ariel I'm mailing this through ya stereo Wifey material, make sure y'all observe the ariel I'm mailing this through ya stereo
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