Raekwon Robbery Lyrics

Artist: Raekwon
Publishers: ©Universal Music Publishing Group
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Length: 3:49

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[Intro: Polite (P.C.)]
Eh yo.. eh yo.
{*speaking normally*}
Ice Water (yeah yeah)
Don't get it twisted
We'll shoot yo' ***, *****
Haha (P.C., *****, P.C.)
Why'all motha****as got about fifteen seconds to live

Yo it's a new year, *****, and I'm takin' over
My whole crew here, *****, and the game is over
*****s, talkin' faces, soldier
If rap don't work, get back to that bakin' soda
On the strip tryin' to catch more cake than Oprah
I got clips that'll leave you with ya face on a poster
I talk slick and I'm sprayin' the toaster
Sparkin' shoot outs and start poppin' off **** the way I'm supposed to
You the type to go up North straight scrappin' a sore butt
And ain't nuttin' worse than gettin' shot as soon as you woke up
You got work? I'll be rapin' ya dolja
I'm takin' his pack and breakin' his back and makin' him throw up
'cause the draft's like a bomb and I'm waitin' to blow up
I'll take cash on ya mom's and turn her frame into donuts

Yo.. yo.. yo.
Eh yo I'm blazin' hot, never haze or flop
Want to battle? Name ya price, I'ma raise the pot
Put ya car on the line, I'ma take ya drop
Put ya jewels up, I'ma take ya chain and watch
It's like I hard ball and you, play soft
Just call me the Hitler when I spit about eight off (Adolf)
Shots'll rip ya face off, ***** ya heard me?
Beat you black and blue like a Hitman jersey
P.C. never been known to play games
I spray things that'll re-arrange ya brain
I **** and aim, miss you then pop ya dame
Only reason that I came through's to lock the game

[Chorus: Polite]
Yo it's time to die, who you gon' run to?
Who you gon' call when them dogs come confront you? {*barking*}
You stand firm or be the ***** that you is?
Would you grab the guns or run to the pigs, you motha****a, huh?
Yo it's time to die, who you gon' run to?
Who you gon' call when them dogs come confront you? {*barking*}
You stand firm or be the ***** that you is?
Would you grab the guns or run get yo' wiz, you motha****a, huh?

Why'all *****s see me eatin' all of ya plate
Don't give a **** about ya background **** about the songs you make
And I know you see the draw on the waist
Lookin' stupid with a vest on, these bullets might draw on ya face
They call me Alexander Sean the Great
'cause ya ***** said she love the way the **** talk all in the cake
I need this bank money, throw me the safe
All these killas involved, the cops'll **** around and chalk the place
Yo they wonder why we hang with crooks
**** is take free, not used to money off the books
Broke ****** ***** caught in a juks
I'm a pirate in this rap ****, I leave you *****s off the hook

What the **** you gon' do when we run in ya crib?
Either we leavin' with the bricks or we gon' leave with yo' kids
And we only got hours to live
So give up the ransom or find they *** up under the bridge
'Lite never been afraid, so keep lookin' *****s
'cause I'll rob yo' *** faster than some Brooklyn *****s
Yo this rap game twisted, everybody beefin
Everybody killas now and ain't nobody leakin
Smoke a lot of weed so I don't like to fight
But I might go upside ya ****in' head with a pipe
Got a bulldog, not only do he bark he bite
Give a **** about a hood, it ain't safe at night
You ****er!

[Outro: Polite (Stumic)]
I'm tellin' you, man
Young ************s, man
Why'all *****s is really ****in' pissin' me off
Who you gon' run to?
Who you gon' ****in' call when I put this **********in
Fo'-fo' long in yo' **********in' mouth, boy?
Haha (Shot in yo' face)
Who the **** you gon' call?
(Call the cops) Uh-uh, uh-uh
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