Raging Speedhorn - Redweed Lyrics

Artist: Raging Speedhorn Lyrics
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Album: Track 2 on Raging Speedhorn
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You decide
Your misadventure
Spit at my lies
You don't have to fall down
You don't want to fall
You don't have to cry now
You don't want to cry

You're just a fuckin' lowlife
Your life's a fuckin' lie
You live in your mind
Screaming inside
Screaming is fucking blind

Your destruction
You decide
Your misadventures
Spit at my lies

You don't want to cry now
-You don't try to be
You don't want to cry
-You're no fuckin' good
You don't want to see me
-Not fuckin' again
You don't want to see
-We will die


Your life is propoganda
Burning to be like
In your own world
Dragging me down (x2)


Your sorrow
We borrow
In your eyes (x7)

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