Ragnarok - The Reflection From the Star World Above Lyrics

Artist: Ragnarok Lyrics
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Album: Track 8 on Arising Realm
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It have no fear for death as its hostile force
A avantage that we use against God and his light
As children of the night and creators of unlight
Darkness exist forever
The night is nor life or glory
it is a part of the destruction
Black as it show itself
Even light shows its respect as it is doomed to die
Where the light is
is there always darkness just waiting for the time
to consume the light as a flame that slowly dies
The night is created
The night is eternal
Our yearning for night to darken God's heart
and his children on earth
Gods words on this earth dies with the sun
And we sons of the night will be faithful to our master
As children of the night and creators of unlight
Eternal is the night as a reflection from the starworld above

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