What They Call Me Lyrics

Rah Digga

publisher: ©Warner/Chappell Music, Inc.
writers: James Brown, Peter (pka Pete Rock) Phillips, Peter O. Phillips, Rashia Tashan Fisher
album: Track 4 in album Dirty Harriet
release date: 2000
popularity : 6 users have visited this page.
genres: Hip Hop
styles: Conscious
length: 3:50

Cover Art

Rah Digga Dirty Harriet cover art
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"One two" "Rah Digga"
"One two" "Rah Digga"
"One two" "Rah Digga"
"One two" "Rah Digga"

[Rah Digga]
For starters, peace to all the martyrs, and all the pioneers
Here's to a new breed of broad, yeah we like it raw!
Comin to the floor, I be next to rep like Al Gore
(Look) Look up in the sky, it's a bird, it's a plane
Nope, honey from the Bricks, ya'll familiar wit the name
I be worse than any Alien, Predator or Relic
Witch from the east *****, tell em how to spell it

[Chorus] 4x
The are-the A-the H-the D-the I-the G-the G-the A (Come again!)

[Rah Digga]
I'm primetime, you a local on cable
I battle you on yo' **** and then waste your label
Hit you wit heat sweeter than vanilla candy
Flip it type wicked like Cinderella family
(For what) For tryin to step to a Rah situation
Less rhymin years, less formal education
Gettin less spins than a BBS
Less hype in the streets and you writin even less
(Now you ain't fresh) MC's goin crazy
(Nah, you ain't a fresh) Ya'll could never out-blaze me
Less knowhow, more hoe now
Stay up out of grown folks biz 'fore I show you what broke is
Yappin all day bout who crew the best
Take a few deep breaths, puff the buddha cess
Continue to bless any track that come this way
Nine ***** nine *****, I'm that itchbe

Chorus 4x

"*****s" "Do you think" [Rah Digga]
"Flipmode" [Busta Rhymes]
"Digga on the track" [Rah]
"Words worth a million" [Jay-Z]
"Represent" [Biggie] "Yo" [Prodigy]
"Strike-strike hard" [Canibus]

[Rah Digga]
Peace to my peeps, from Jerz to Manhattan
*****es on the threeway chit-chattin in pig Latin
Heads is vexed now, all the 'dro gone
Waitin and debatin for some *****s to roll on
(Come on) The kind of heads take the ghetto approach
Hard foul the opposition or strangle the coach
I be stashin marijuanna in my Dolce & Gabana
Dead em like gamma, if they don't have no manners
Call the dopest MC my little junior
Playin the game and be a coach like Tuna
Mad, what I say go, be -girl original
Boy Wonder, Chocolate latte (Hooo!)
What the chicks say, hoes might oppose
But most chicks happy I can rock without takin off my clothes
And all the *****s say "Damn, this ***** is tight
Ain't heard a broad rip like that since MC Lyte" (Come on)

Chorus 8x

Track Listing

CD 1
  • 1 Intro
  • 2 Harriet Thugman
  • 3 Tight
  • 4 What They Call Me
  • 5 Do the Ladies Run This...
  • 6 Imperial
  • 7 Curtains
  • 8 Showdown
  • 9 The Last Word
  • 10 Break Fool
  • 11 Straight Spittin', Part II
  • 12 What's Up Wit' That
  • 13 So Cool
  • 14 Just for You
  • 15 Fuck All Y'all Niggas
  • 16 Lessons of Today