Raheem DeVaughn - Love Drug Lyrics

Artist: Raheem DeVaughn Lyrics
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Album: Track 3 on Love Behind the Melody
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I'm a lovaholic for you
Plus the fact that my love is (my love is) dope
You got me hooked,
I got you sprung
Now add that up...
And you're my Love Drug
I'm your Love Drug
You're what I need. And I'm your pusher man
You appear as though you're from Columbia
You's keep it tight for me like Ziplocs
And I just got high when we lip lock...
And you just got high when we lip lock
So you search for me with a flashlight, in the daylight...
Cause I'm you're get right
So no one serves you up girl like I can
I'm your Mr. Midnight pusher man

I'm your drug (ooh I'm your drug)
And you can't kick it (you can't kick it)
You gotta have...
Cause you're so addicted (I got you hooked, got you hooked, got you open)
Cause I'm your drug (yea yea, but it's a two-way street)
(See) Your my drug (your my my, my addiction, my weakness; see I...)
And I can't kick it (I gotta have you)
You got me so addicted (you got me so addicted, yea) See you're my drug (my, my, my Love Drug)

See my urge gets fulfilled when you come through
I love every little bit of ounce of you
See you're back for more and I'm reeing up
You're floating now; that's that good stuff
And that's all day (I'm stone, she's stone)
And all night (We bang, we bone)
Now hurry back soon when I'm in demand; cause I'm your pusher man

I'm your drug (I'm your drug, yea... sky high, sky high)
And you can't kick (ooh, you can't kick it)
You gotta have it (no)
See you're so addicted (I've got you hooked, I've got you sprung, I've got you open girl)
Cause I'm your drug (Uh-Huh but it's a two-way street)
Cause you're my drug (You're my... my addiction)
And I can't kick (you got me addicted, yea yea)
I gotta have it yea. You got me so addicted (So addicted, so sprung, so hooked on you)
See you're my drug (I can't give it up)

I can't, I can't (Give her up, give her up)
She can't, she can't (Gimme up, gimme up)
She keeps me feening (She keeps me feening)
And turned on (Got me lost and turned on)

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