Raheem DeVaughn - Mr. Right Lyrics

Writer(s) : Oliver, Kristal / Devaughn, Raheem / Haggins, Carvin / Barias, Ivan / Stephens, Leonard
Artist: Raheem DeVaughn Lyrics
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Album: Track 6 on The Love & War MasterPeace
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Now some people call me the R&B Hippie Neo Soul Rockstar
And others, they call me Mr. Grammy nominated BET Award Winning The Hustler
Hustler, Radio Raheem
Mr. Devaughn, even confuse it with Devine
But baby, you can just call me Mr. Right

Hold up, let me stop you there before you go further
I know that you been hearing that I ain't no good
I'm a player, I'm a flirt, a heart breaker, even worse (doin' work)
Don't you date him, you'll get hurt
Oh girl, Yes I did my dirt, but now,
I'm all cleaned up and ready for love
Don't stop before we start it
Baby let me show you where my heart is

If you let me be your Mr. Right
I will turn into your Mr. Right Now
Let me be the one to treat you right
Girl I promise I won't let you down
I'm Mr. Right, Right Now
I can be your Mr. Right (Right Now)
Let me be your Mr. Right (Right Now)
I can be your Mr. Right (Right Now)
Yea, yea, yea

Now wait, you don't have to worry 'bout yesterdays
Cause everything's subjected to change
See I been there, done that
I changed up my act, I ain't goin' back
Oh girl, yes I did my dirt but
But, but, I done cleaned the old me up
Don't stop before we start it
I'm just tryna' show you where my heart is


I wanna shower you with all your wishes
Wet you with my kisses
I wanna be your Mr. Right now and want you to be my Misses
For every new tomorrow, season after season
I can't think of a better reason to wanna be a changed man


Hey baby I wanna be your Mr. R-I-G-H-T baby

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