Raheem DeVaughn - She's Not You Lyrics

Artist: Raheem DeVaughn Lyrics
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Album: Track 13 on Love Behind the Melody
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It was pure coincidence
I met her on da block when
She was from da land of Venus

Her voice was like da perfect song
Brown eyes,hair long chemistry was good between us

Met anotha' on a charter plane,
On my way back from Spain
Her name was Mariah

But I don't really need her
(I don't need her)
Cause da fact of the matter is


Even if I took her numba' to call her
(Shes not you)
If we laid down there'd be no love involved
(She wont do)
Ooo she cant do me like you can cause
(Shes not you)
See my mind is made up I don't wanna wake up
I don't wake up and roll over if
(Shes not you no)

Lips full hips wide
Dancer at 55
Make you wish you was her pole
Drinks done last call{where}
Gotta go we can neva be involved
Had a video shoot real petite
Pretty cute met a girl by the name of Susane
Jus' like Mariah

I don't need her
(I don't need her)
Cause the fact of the matter is


Even if I took tha 7 digits tryna be slick
(Shes not you)
If I cross the line laid wit' her 1 time oh
(She wont do)
She wont do, do do do do do like you do no no
(Shes no you)
Plus my mind is made up
I don't wanna wake up
Don't wanna wake up n roll ova if
(Shes not you no)

She don't compare to you baby
Mm mmm mmm mm
She dont cook like you baby
Mm mmm mmm mm
And if she did,
Prolly wouldn't be good as yours

Foreva' and eva' and eva',
Foreva' and eva' and eva'

You belong to me


Even if I took her number hey hey yea
(Shes not you)
And I called her 1 time tryna be slick 1 time and lay with her
(She wont do)

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