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Album: Track 4 on Wicked Is My Game
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Fighting for the real exciting challenge
Making the Devil pleased every day
I just hope that I can manage
But it's too soon to say

Wicked is my game
for nothing but fleas and leaches I sold my soul!

Fighting for the real challenge
With the Devil by my side
I'm making myself pleased every day
No one ends, my pain but me


Nothing is for real
Ask the wicked man down here
Nothing is the same
Only the Devil knows my name

What will happen when my desire for the mortal flesh ends?
What will happen when all I know vanishes into nothingness?

I can see the universe collapse
My mind is dying, fading, floating with the sea
I can see the reality go down
my mind is making every man's own dream

Welcome to my insane game
Wicked is my insane game

Fighting for the real exciting challenge
making the Devil listen to me
There is nothing more to accomplish
No more for me to wish


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