Ramones - Psycho Therapy Lyrics

Artist: Ramones Lyrics
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Album: Track 7 on Subterranean Jungle
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Psycho therapy psycho therapy psycho therapy
That's what they want to give me
Psycho therapy psycho therapy psycho therapy
All they want to give me

I'm a teenage schizoid the one your parent despise
Psycho therapy now I got glowing eyes

I'm a teenage schizoid pranks and muggins are fun
Psycho therapy gonna kill someone

Psycho therapy psycho therapy
I like takin' tuinal it keeps me edgy and mean
I'm a teenage schizoid I'm a teenage dope fiend

I'm a kid in the nuthouse I'm a kid in the psycho zone
Psycho therapy I'm gonna burglarize your home

Psycho therapy psycho therapy

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