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Say Im crazy
Cause I have to have you
Say Im dreaming
Cause I wanna see this through
Say theres no meaning to life
If Im not with you
My love, my only love
Cause its you
Who will always be my first love
Its you
Who first showed me who I really was
In you
My soul has found the one Im searching for
Its true, I adore you
Our love is like a merry go round
Sometimes its up
Sometimes its down
Like the sun and the rain
Even good loves found the change
Boy you should know
Cause the love we have we shouldnt let go
Now you can walk away
Go on without me
Or you can try to stay
And make this easy
Though its hard
If you really wanna be alone
Its okay, okay
Its clear to see
Your heart belongs to me
Ill always get by
With you in my life
Dont you ever leave

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