Randy - A Man in Uniform Lyrics

Artist: Randy Lyrics
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Album: Track 2 on Welfare Problems
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I guess you want to see the look on my face when you smash it
I guess you want to see the damage you do when you bash it
You don't like no black masks mister
You don't like folks of our kind
You don't like us brothers and sisters and you don't care about the reason behind

Acab meant nothing to me until I saw this program about it on tv

I hate a man in uniform

I guess you want to see the look on my eyes when you beat me
I guess you think that your truncheon hit can defeat me
Bring on dogs and artillery
You can kill a man but not his ideas
You never cared about the little man yet
That's why we fight the power every chance that we get

Defenders of the power structures
Justified violence blackjack fractures

I hate a man in uniform

Oh - it ain't no secret
Oh - it ain't no lie

I hate a man in uniform

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