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Album: Track 1 on Around the Bend
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Just round the bend
No body knows
Still that's where
Everybody wants to go

Might be a mile,
Right up ahead
All i really know is that I'm not there yet

When I was a child,
I thought like a child
I had no fear
Of all things wild

Crawl turned to a walk walk
Turned to a run run
Turned to a leap here in the wind
Taking that one step forward around the bend
Here I go

I don't know what waits
But I am not afraid
I'll just make own sweet way
Around the bend

See I've been longed
And I've been loved
I've turned the other cheek
I've taken off the gloves

I still got the fight,
Still go the fever
Got the hunger,
Got the thirst
I just keep on searching for better or worse
Here I go


One day I wake
On a distant shore
My soul some place
It's never been before


Here I go

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