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Dear penis
I don't think I like you any more
you use to watch me shave
now all you do is stare at the floor
oh dear penis
I dont like you anymoe
it use to be u and me
a paper towel and a dirty magazine
that's all we needed to get by
now it seems things have changed
and I think your the one to blame
dear penis I dont like you anymore
he says
dear Rodney
I dont think I like you any more
cause when you get to drinkin
you put me places I've never been before
dear Rodney I don't like you anymore
why can't we just get a grip
on our man to hand relationship
come to terms to truly how we feel
if we put our heads together
we'ed just stay home forever
dear penis I think I like you afterall
o and Rodney while your shaving shave my balls

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