Randy Travis - You Didn't Have a Good Time Lyrics

Artist: Randy Travis Lyrics
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Album: Track 2 on Around the Bend
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Your hand was wrapped around th ebottle
Your arm wrapped around her waist
You were running at full throttle
Big smile across your face

You were the life of the party
But it was all in your mind
I hate to be the one to tell you
You didn't have a good time

well I bet you don't remember
Kneeling in that bathroom stall
Praying for salvation
And cursing out the hall

The you went right back to drinking
Like everything was fine
But let's be honest with each other
You didn't have a good time

So take a good hard look in the mirror
And drink that image down
I'm the truth you can't run from
I'm the conscious you can't grind
And the happiness you want so bad
You ain't going to find
Until you start believing
You didn't have a good time

When you woke up this morning
I guess you just assumed
That you got something out of
The empty bottles in this room

There ain't an angel that can save you
When you're listening to the wise
And the demons they won't tell you
You didn't have a good time


Somebody had to tell you
You didn't have a good time

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