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Album: Track 8 on Rascal Flatts
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Everybody needs it
Everybody wants it
Everybody's searching for someone
Been down a thousand highways
I never thought would end
Baby, I've been
Waiting all my life to find you
Always been one step behind you
Your love babe
I've been waiting all my life

I was tired of waiting
Every night was praying
Everyday would be the day I'd find you
I grew so impatient, how long would it take
To know you were out there somewhere
Somewhere waiting, wondering just like me

Second Chorus
I've been waiting all my life to love you
All that time I was dreaming of you
Your love babe
I've been waiting all my life

And did I lose faith, did I lose heart
Maybe I did, but I never lost my way
To where you are - I've been

(Repeat First Chorus)

(Repeat Second Chorus)

Your love I've been waiting
Your love I've been waiting all my life
All my life, all my life

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