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Album: Track 14 on Raydiation
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Yeah, you know what this is
You granted all my wishes
And dammit, I'm gonna miss it
If we fade away
I don't wanna be down
Lovin' you, I have found
Girl, I want you around

(Don't you believe that)
Nobody needs you 'cause I do
I need all of you baby
(If you can see that)
Nobody needs you like I do
I need all of you baby

Anytime I'm needin' someone
I think of you for comfort, can you feel me
Anytime you're feelin' down
Or need a friend for comfort, can you feel me

Oh ain't no need for frontin' baby girl, I believe
And everything you're doing, shorty know this
You play a real big part in keepin' me on my feet
And I love you so much, I won't blow this


Ain't no way I'll ever be through with you
Baby, let me know if we can make it
'Cause I wanna be there baby, can I be there
Anywhere, I don't care

[CHORUS: x3]

Girl, whenever I'm down
I think of you to lift me up
And if you ever need a friend
If you ever need someone to talk to
I'm right here
I'll never leave
I love you

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