Ray J Boyfriend Lyrics

Artist: Ray J
Publishers: ©Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC, MAMADON MUSIC, Royalty Network
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Length: 3:28

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Yea creep with me( Come On)
Take you on a mission
Yeah, I know its crazy
Let me talk to you about some deep ****

I met your girl
I text your girl
I sexed your girl
And she loved it
We share affection
Special connection
And no matter how you feel
She's gonna do what she will
She said she needs you
She'll never leave you
And you can sleep better now that you know it
And I'm not here to
Take your position
She just needs to be rubbed a little different

Is that your wife? (huh)
Is that your shawty? (huh)
So thats your wife? (that's my wife)
Well I'm her boyfriend
Is that your wife? (huh)
I that your shawty? (shawty)
So that's your wife?
Well I'm her boyfriend (boyfriend)

I think the problem is
You don't beat it right
Makin' love is cool
Just pull her hair sometimes
She wants to feel like a lover
Not a touch from a brother
She wanna wake up body achin'
Not fall asleep frustrated
She said she loves it home
Its just somethin' sexy 'bout me
Though all the haters so
What you expect from shawty
Remember when you're gone away
That she'll always be safe with me


She really loves you
She says it all the time
She really wants to
Be with you until she dies
I'm just a side
Temporary desire
You keep employed
I'll be her boy toy


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