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Album: Track 5 on All I Feel
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Girl from the Bronx!

Yea I still love you baby?
Yo, yo, yo the story gets crazy
But in the beginning the **** was all gravy
My girlfriend she straight up from Brooklyn type of chick

Just to kill another ***** just for looking
She?s so Brooklyn she so crazy I swear to god man I love my baby,
But you could always catch a ***** hanging out
I was in the late night spot smoking out.

That?s when I saw this girl she was leaning
She was kind of tipsy from the drink she was drinking,
She was looking then she started winking,
Thinking to my self man I probably shouldn?t be here

I got her name then I got her number,
I should be ashamed because I went home and called her,
Now we on the phone telling me she older
Said she from the Bronx and she want me to come over I was like?

Dam I can?t believe I?dam I can?t believe I? dam I can?t believe I? dam I can?t believe I cheated on my woman with a girl from the Bronx

Man this **** gets deeper
I hoped on the subway just to go meet her
She was looking like a wannabe diva
Freaky lil' ***** borderline skuzzier

My girlfriend she wasn?t hesitating
She blowing up my phone every second we was hanging
She so inpatient, she?s on probation I swear to god man
I love my baby but I always spend my time hanging out

swap chilling with this hoe in the Bronx digging her out.
****ed her in the kitchen, hit it on the couch
I can?t forget to mention I put it in her mouth.
And now it?s a long ride home I know I was so damn wrong

But dam I had so much fun.
My girl kept calling my phone I?m thinking about what I?ve done.


The next day I thought **** was all over
But my girlfriend giving me the cold shoulder
Said she found some empty condom rappers in the Rover
Now she throwin' fits, telling me to go
Crying in the bed room burning all my cloths
Taking all my shoes and put ?em on the stove
All in the kitchen looks like a furnace
Ten minutes later whole house burning,
And now you see me in a robe running out
And you can here the police coming without a doubt
The cops saw us fussing, my girl was tripping hard
They locked me up in handcuffs threw me in the car,
And now I know that It?s over
I called her over and over
she won?t answer my calls
I thought my pimping days were over, I stood up only to fall.


Dam I can?t believe
I...dam I can?t believe
I... dam I can?t believe
I... dam I can?t believe cheated on my woman with a girl from the
Cheated on my woman with a girl from the?
Cheated on my woman with a girl from the Bronx.

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