Razed in Black - Lust Lyrics

Artist: Razed in Black Lyrics
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Album: Track 8 on Sacrificed
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Take my lust, heart, love, pain
sin, abuse, force, gain

Sick in your eyes
this is love
sensual heart
boiling blood
take the blade and
cut me deep
All's determined
watch me weep

I exist for copulation of your mind
dirty thoughts for deviation of truth and lies
I exist for conformation of the beast inside
fantasies from realities with me you'll find

Lick my tongue, jewel joy
drench my affection
rub my inner thoughts
stimulate me
I crawl in desperation

Attack me beast, devour
rape me on request
fill my desire
kiss every inch of my skin
fulfill the emptiness within

Leave me obsessed
my fetish you are
let my sweat drip upon you
I'll take the blame for my demise
didn't say you were gonna lead me
big surprise

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