Razed in Black - Solution Lyrics

Writer(s) : SHUGGIE OTIS
Artist: Razed in Black Lyrics
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Album: Track 12 on Sacrificed
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It builds up inside
Contained within never not I
Ready to explode
I shiver failing to hold it back
Drifting away
From conscience on my back
It's payback time
I'm punished for my life
Hurt by the stone
Suffocate my mind
Cast by all I've ever met
Why must this happen all at once?
I feel, I feel I wanna
I can't handle it
Die, go away
Why must this happen all at once?
Surrendering inside
Peel away my skin
Ready to say goodbye
Pounding at me all at once
Feels as if...if I had a gun
Pushing me
I was told once before
I know I'd reach the end of forever
Deserve the hell I'm in
I know I got what's coming to me
I feel...i feel I wanna diewhy must this happen all at once

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